02 March 2007

Upgrade B

n case you're into this kind of thing: Beyonce's music video for her new single, "Upgrade U" premiered yesterday. While B waxes poetic about all things costly, her face is adorned with some Cazal vintage frames. That's sooo 2006 Gwen Stefani, B; you might as well bouffant your 'do, slather on the red lips and slip into your leopard print jacket while tossing Kingston to your roadie.

I kid, I kid. Lord knows I love the Cazal. (And Gwen Stefani for that matter.)

These aren't the precise model Beyonce is wearing, but you can't argue with these Cazal Vintage 946 Sunglasses.

Cost: $255
Colors: Rose, Grey
Retailer: CazalSunglasses.com


-ciao bella- said...

Kooba actually makes the bag...I saw it in a store the other day and it also comes in black patent (which is also absoltuely gorgeous). but it's really roomy inside and fits nicely on your shoulder. you can get it at www.shopbop.com xx

MOLLY GRAY said...

wow! that shape is quite strange.
+molly g.+

coco said...

im not that keen on these, i much prefer sunglasses in shapes like the ones in your post before this. those were an amazing find.

ashley.heaton said...

^ i agree with the person above me! i much prefer "chunkier" glasses...i do love the lanvin ad you posted though!

Anonymous said...

thank you for visit!
It seems you really love sunglasses. Personally I'm crazy into Chanel and D&G ones. I wear them always, because my eyes are very sensitive for light - too much of it kills them.

Lizze said...

I think the sunglasses goes well with the earings and B's look.
But for my own taste, I think they are too 'gold-y'

alluretone said...

ah! the picture of b isnt showing up o well. i saw a very similar one to this from burberry and they are sooo gorgeous. xept i don't really like this one.

the lipstick lady said...

I couldn't bare to watch the video, I hate beyonce. you are linked!

Haute Girl said...

i can't believe cazals are coming back in style!

Anonymous said...

she's/they're wearing vintage cazal model 907. very hot, very rare, very expensive, very upgrade!

Anonymous said...

where can i buy them online the rose colour cos i think they look hot .

i live in the uk and i cant find that colour here?

where in the US can i find them that will post them for me?
does any one know???
please help!