02 March 2007

Pretty Penny

ree People is joining the ever-expanding ranks of sunglasses retailers. I was pretty excited about this development, as you can never go wrong with a funky and inexpensive pair of shades. For under $25, there is no need to stress about losing, breaking or going out of style.

Free People's Plastic Penny Sunglasses:
"Large vintage-inspired hexagonal lens sunglasses with translucent plastic frames and gold criss-cross details at hinges."
Cost: $24
Colors: Olive, Lilac
Retailer: FreePeople.com

Like Justin Timberlake, I'm lovin' it.

PS - Free People also has a groovy behind-the-scenes blog.


Parisjasmal said...

Love these! I love Free People.

May I make a request?
Since you are able to find the BEST shades, can you post some new Oliver Peoples? I adore that line.



alluretone said...

i really want a pair of octagonal/hexagonal w/e shades. i love bruno also!

fpgirl said...

hey! your blog is super cute. thanks so much for linking to us!

From Lily With Love said...

I love those!

The Girls said...

Wait did i read that right $24?? wow!!

.m. said...

omg i LOVE those shades! now I want hexagonal sunglasses!!