27 November 2006

That Gwenny

wen Stefani is insatiable! She just cannot stop herself, can she? Her Wind It Up video alone features two really sweet pairs of sunglasses.

The sunglasses worn with her nun outfit (and on her album art, at right) are so special, she's taken to wearing them to her little hearts content.

She wore them to the American Music Awards last week to complement her blond banged, Michelle-Pfeiffer-in-Scarface look, which -- coincidentally -- was the theme of L.A.M.B.'s Spring/Summer '07 collection. As always, she is her best model.

[Source: GossipRocks]

Here, she is wearing them in the U.K.'s Sunday Times:

[Source: NoDoubtWeb.com]

They are vintage Cazal sunglasses, model 905 and I would be wearing them all over the place if I was their proud owner too. Cazal makes some wild shades! Check them out at cazalsunglasses.com, but like anything vintage, they aren't cheap.

* * *

Ms. Stefani is also seen in the video wearing Louis Vuitton Bindi Sunglasses, so named for the gem dangling from above their nosepiece. They were shown in LV's Fall/Winter 06-07 campaign, featuring Pharrell Williams and Kate Moss.

Cost: $875
Colors: White, Black
Retailer: Louis Vuitton stores

Yodeling aside, those are some lovely sunnies.

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