13 December 2006

A Vast Improvement

et's give Ashlee Simpson a big round of applause for looking much, much better than when we last checked in with her. She still has a bizarre penchant for those knitted hat things, though. Below, she was photographed while shopping in Los Angeles on Sunday.

[Source: GossipRocks]

She is wearing Marc Jacobs Scott MJ 016 sunglasses:
Cost: $167 - $180
Colors: Grey, Black, Brown, Blue, Gold
Retailer: Otticanet

Once again, it seems she's taken a page from big sis Jess' book. Jessica Simpson (along with a slew of other celebrities) was photographed wearing these Marc Jacobs aviators earlier this fall. [See: Who Doesn't Have These MJ's?, Heidi Strolls For Two, Lindsay Takes Her MJ's Out For a Spin]

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natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

I sooo thought that was a photo of Britney Spears! Ashley Simpson, if nothing else, had her own look. The shades are indeed lovely - but beyond that, the girl has got to get her own look!