10 October 2006

Who Doesn't Have These MJs?

hotographed a week ago in Beverly Hills in black leather boots, jacket and Fendi Spy Bag, Jessica Simpson looked quite biker-chick-chic.

We've seen her shades before.

[Source: SweetKisses]

First there was Lindsay. [See: Lindsay Takes Her MJ's Out For a Spin]

Then came Heidi. [See: Heidi Strolls for Two]

Next in line to model the MJ 016/S shades:
Cost: $151
Colors: Silver, Black, Gold, Brown, Blue
Retailer: Otticanet

Someone at least get them in blue, will you?


misssixty said...

w00 first comment!
sadly, i don't have those MJ's *goes to weep in corner* buut today i was at the optomatrists and i saw a really nice pair of Ted Baker aviators (you try finding MJ's on a small desert island!)

ambika said...

I loathe Jessica but she looks cute in the glasses with the braid. I'm going to see if I can do that with my hair...