08 October 2006

Heidi Strolls for Two

s Project Runway fans gear up for this week's airing of the series finale, Heidi Klum was photographed in Beverly Hills wearing shades by Marc Jacobs.

[Source: GossipRocks]

Given the timing, it would be nice to see her lend support to her fellow judge Michael Kors' eyewear line, however these aviators and their telltale upper left lens MJ engraving are quite popular with the ladies of southern California. [See: Lindsay Takes Her MJ's Out For a Spin]

For the fashion forward MJ 016/S shades:Cost: $151
Colors: Silver, Black, Gold, Brown, Blue
Retailer: Otticanet

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shiori said...

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Japan is hot now because of the recent low atmospheric pressure. But think the weather will get cool soon.