13 December 2006

What A Waste

t has just come to my attention that the sunglasses Lindsay Lohan was given for her appearance wore on the red carpet of the Nefarious Fine Jewelry Holiday Party on Monday of this week cost $30,000. Thirty thousand dollars! What a waste of diamonds!

I wonder if Al Gore would approve.

[Source: GossipRocks]
ne·far·i·ous: (nə-fâr'ē-əs)
Infamous by way of being extremely wicked.
[Source: Dictionary.com]

For THIRTY GRAND I'd say Nefarious Fine Jewelry has obtained its infamy for being extremely expensive.

Nefarious Auric Sunglasses

Cost: Varies depending on materials selected
Materials: Platinum, 18K White Gold, 18K Gold
Retailer: NefariousDesigns.com


Cameron said...

she looks retarded... and i don't mean that in the way which "retarded" is commonly used to indicate general negative connotation... i mean retarded...

shaz said...

hahahahahaha CAMERON is soooo funny...yeh i agree though, i saw this foto and was like WTF is this a joke? but sadly i was wrong. Those glasses look like the ones that r sold at my local $2 shop..UGLY...u can put down a deposit for a house with that money...retards

bublinbrownsuga83 said...

Whateva HATERS!...If I had it like Lindsay, I would have them badboys my damn self!