12 December 2006

Na Na Na!

f you've been keeping up with the web this morning, then you've certainly already read of Angelina Jolie's headline-worthy interview with Vogue, in which she provides details on the beginnings of the superfamily now known as the Jolie-Pitts.

Ms. Jolie is currently here in New York with Brad Pitt and their lovelies to promote her new film, The Good Shepard, with photographers carefully documenting their every move. Below, she was captured arriving at their hotel.

[Source: SuperiorPics]

Sometimes, her looks approach sensory overload and these Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses are not helping matters. I have to say, I like how she does not stop and pose for the cameras. In fact, I doubt she broke stride.

Tom Ford FT 0009 Whitney:

Cost $253
Colors: Black, Coral, Pink, Beige, Brown
Retailer: SunglassesItaly

These sunglasses have been less successfully worn by Ashlee Simpson and Halle Berry. Nice try, ladies. [Source: People, GossipRocks]


Karinaxoxo said...

hmm i dont mind them - but i think only some ppl could pull them off. Halle Berry doesn't!!!

Anonymous said...

Denise Richards also wears these sunnies in pink :)

David said...

love these sunglasses, classic, simple and very jackie O. i think all the ladies look nice in them.