10 December 2006

Gwen Stefani in Black & White

ere in New York City, Gwen Stefani was in town to perform on Saturday Night Life. As is her habit, she brought baby Kingston along with her on her travels.

And just like another blond singer showed us this week, Ms. Stefani buys her sunglasses in bulk. [See: Paris Redux, Refuelling Paris]

You may recognize her Louis Vuitton Bindi Sunglasses from her Wind It Up video. Click the image for a clearer view of the flash. [See: That Gwenny]

[Source: Splash, iFilm]

Louis Vuitton Bindi Sunglasses
Cost: A mind boggling $875... and Ms. Stefani has two pairs (that we know of)!
Colors: Black, White, Tortoise (as shown at left), Hot Pink
Retailer: Louis Vuitton stores

PS - GB, I am not obsessed with Gwen. (Pause...Not!)


alluretone said...

omg, i love these! the white ones look kind of weird though, but gwen looks amazing in the black ones.

molly said...

oooh, where is this "are you an mk or a"???
id love to take it!

cool post. bindi sunglasses...nice!

Candid Cool said...

only gwen could pull off such crazy sunglasses.

on a side note...that is one cute kid.

shaz said...

I feel in love with these sunglasses the moment i saw them..but now that i know the price ill take a bet that they will never be seen adorning my face. The black ones look HOT HOT HOT...and her kid is sooooooo adorable.