27 November 2006

Refueling Paris

n a move some are citing as evidence of new friend Britney Spears' increasing influence, Paris Hilton was photographed leaving an OUT OF ORDER(!) public restroom at an L.A. gas station this week. Her stock is plummeting.

[Source: The Sun]


The whole thing (i.e. Britney's underpantsless escapades) makes me wish I had some Purell. I am going to center myself and just focus on the shades. Sunglasses will save the day.

[Source: CelebrityDirtyLaundry]

Along with questionable judgment, Paris is exhibiting Christian Dior CD Glossy 1 sunglasses:
Cost: $208
Colors: Black, Tortoise, White, Pink, Purple, Green, Brown
Retailer: SunglassesItaly


dusk&summer said...

she has better taste in sunglasses than in friends!

shaz said...

I agree, she should leave her useless posse behind and focus more on rebuilding her reputation with some help from her sister, and maybe a new stylist?? Anywas back to the shades... Paris Hilton was the reason i fell in love with the Dior Glossies