22 December 2006

Angie, Ain't It Good To Be Alive?

hat Angelina Jolie is something else, no?

Her profile in January's Vogue was my favorite (and without a doubt the most highly publicized) cover in quite some time. Just look at her go! She's not dodging the Jennifer Aniston bullet, she's scaring the bejesus out of her interviewer midflight, she's posing for Annie Liebowitz wearing only a cashmere blanket in the desert and she is making it work.

Vogue says:
"...Angelina, the sexy man killer in a pencil skirt, the kind of look that she sports in those fantastic St. John ads. She is wearing a very formfitting white linen Ralph Lauren suit with heels and a great big ol' pair of white-and-silver Gucci sunglasses." [Source: Vogue]

[Source: SuperiorPics]

These Gucci 1827 have been on my wishlist for quite some time now. Their aviator shape is nothing new, but they are perfectly designed. They are actually no longer available in Gucci stores, but you can still get them online.

Cost: $227
Colors: Black, Violet, Navy, Silver, Gold, Tortoise, Green (as seen at left), Blue
Retailer: SunglassesItaly

The interviewer later goes on to describe her daily garb:
"She is wearing her uniform: skinny black slacks with black flip-flops and a black sleeveless jersey V-neck. A pair of aviators hangs in her considerable cleavage. There are lots of silvery rings and a black rubber band around the wrist for when she needs to pull back her hair."

Considerable cleavage! Was that necessary, Vogue? I wonder if they were the same pair of Gucci's. And if she had them polarized to eliminate glare while tooling around in her planes and motorcycles. This is the kind of information I need -- her considerable cleavage is common knowledge!


Lizze said...

I saw of those Vogue pics ... and they are really O!M!G! - especially when she is about to step in to the car (or whatever it was). Fantastic pics.
And then I saw the sunglasses and I thought of you :)
Thanks for the linking!

Merry Christmas & Happy 2007!!

molly said...

ahhh, angelina jolie is just so gorgeous.
im really not surprised brad picked her over boring j. an.

Ms. Oscar the Grouch said...

yes, i got to say the usual! she's just drop out gorgeous!