16 September 2008

What Seems to be the Problem, Officer TopShop?

In London this week, the TopShop Unique showed that there is such a thing as too much 80s influence.

Models (clockwise from top left) Alice Burdeu, Heloise Guerin, Jourdan Dunn and Sara Blomqvist showcased sunglasses made famous by the highway patrol. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

[Photo: Style.com]


Wale said...

Hey Flashy Shades,

Just wanted to say that I liked your coverage of Kate Moss and Posh...it's cool to see some celebs' choices for sunglasses! And the Topshop pics are good!

Keep the good stuff coming!

Make Do and Mend said...

So true!

Diana Coronado said...

Original !!

Krisha said...

i dont like the first model i think alice burdeu at all!

Other than that, the sunglasses are cool to look at, but not wearable at all.