16 September 2008

Best of the Best: Carolina Herrera

Though I'm still making my way through the New York show photos, I'm confident that this pair of Carolina Herrera sunglasses (as modeled by Lily Donaldson, at right) will be one of my favorite pairs of the season.

The sunnies shown in this runway show were as elegant as the clothing itself.

[Photos: Style.com]


Make Do and Mend said...

Ah I think Lily D. makes the sunnies look peachy.

Lani said...

I love the vintage glamorous looking shades, can see a lot of New York women wearing these, fantastic!

Lani said...

Hi flashy! could you do a post on the your favourite sunglasses must have sunglasses.

Like if you were to choose one pair of aviators, one pair of wayfarers, one classic pair, one crazy pair, one vintage pair, one oversized pair, and one celebrity which ones you would pick. And one pair from a traditional designer and one from an up and coming designer brand.

It would be great to get more of your personal perspective and see what a true flashy would wear. Just thought i would through the idea out there, hope u dont mind. :D

The Stiletto Effect said...

very stylish, but i couldnt wear those! too big for me :(

Diana Coronado said...

Wowww very glammy !!
Glad you're back !!

Hugs !!

Krisha said...

out of the four models pictured together, i love the sunglasses the the third and fourth models are wearing.

Very feminine and strong, would make any women look beautiful.

Emily said...

Carolina Herrera= love. I love the concept of your blog, so priceless.

Courtney said...

were are you flashy shades??? Much more than a month and no posts :(