12 March 2008

Derek Lam Goes Downtown

hough Derek Lam's sunglasses preview at Soho's Ilori was peppered with New York socialites, his shades were the star of the fete.

'Or perhaps, like Lam, the Ilori attendees simply like the air of enigma a great pair of sunglasses can conjure. "It's like instant mystery," mused the designer. "There's no other accessory as transformative."'

Lam went on to say: "I had the glasses lined with mauve on the inside. That way, when you're having one of those mornings where you've got to run to the store to get milk for your coffee, and you've been out too late, and there's no time for makeup, the glasses themselves will give your skin a little pick-me-up."
[Source: Style File]

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