13 March 2008

Marc Jacobs by Gwen

aving tried on these Marc Jacobs MJ 186/S this weekend, its safe to say that, sadly, I am no Gwen. But I love their funkiness on Ms. Stefani.

[Source: GossipRocks]

They are available in navy, turquoise and burgundy for £152 at London-Eyewear.co.uk.


talia said...

im not a big fan of these, but i agree, gwen can rock all the out there designs, by the way can you do a post on the sunglasses ashley olsen is wearing in these pictures whilst shopping at custome national?


i want them, but i dont know what brand they are.

SusanRenee said...

Marc Jacobs is certainly tuning into the 'space age' this season.

As for me, I think the pronounced nose bridge and heightened sides would be too goggle-esque.

love aesthetics said...

wooow I really dig those!