09 March 2008

Best of New York

udging by my internet history, nymag.com is my most beloved site on the entire world wide web. And this week they've released everyone's favorite edition, The Best of New York. The magazine named Oliver Peoples as the preeminent shades store:

"It’s been around for years, but Oliver Peoples takes the business of fitting frame to face seriously. The sales staff drills you on the clothes you wear, how tan you get during the summer, and whether there are parts of your face you want to downplay or draw attention to. While you’re answering, they’re watching your hair, face shape, and eyes to ensure they suggest glasses that enhance rather than detract. The handcrafted tortoise Ilsas ($350) are big, chic, and beach-worthy without being obnoxious, while frames like the eighteen-karat-gold, rimless OP-678s ($1,900) seem to float on the face."
[Source: NYMag]


ChiliLady said...

i wanna go to NY someday!!!

alluretone said...

the store looks real fancy, i'd be kind of scared to go in there, but am curious to what kind of shade they would suggest..