09 October 2007

Ugh. Gimme Less. A Lot Less.

an Britney Spears please stop doing this? Please? And always in the Dolce & Gabbana 6024s. Why?

[Source: SuperiorPics, SuperiorPics, Britney Evolution, SuperiorPics]

If this is a look you're interested in, SunglassesItaly has these sunglasses for $244.

We've seen the DG 6024 sunnies on FlashyShades before. I never thought I'd say this, but Kathy Hilton looks better in them. Way better.


Shaz said...

oh my, they certainly are tacky! I always wonder why she wears them, because they're certainly not flattering, but i didnt like the previous pair she was obsessed with either...the ones with the cut-out arms...perhaps marc jacobs?

Not only are the shades oversized, but the D&G is extremely showy in a $2 shop kinda way...but hey whatever people fancy!

Candid Cool said...

why is she so purposely horrendous?

gemma said...

i love love love Katherine Heigl's pair. Vintage and classy with just the right amount of dolce branding.