11 October 2007

Kat Von Zipper

never thought I'd be a sucker for Kat Von D's charms. But here I am, blogging about her and the sunglasses she consistently wears indoors on her reality tv show about tattooing and hanging with the likes of Steve O. Jackasses aside, I find her very likeable.

KVD (real name: Katherine von Drachenberg) favors white sunglasses, which I also don't normally go for. But I can't fault her for it. In a collaboration that practically writes itself, here she is in Von Zipper Dharma sunglasses. I also can't fault their $80 price tag on rememberdelaware.com.

[Source: MySpace]


Moose on the Loose said...

WHAT?????? YOU LIVE IN THE SAME NEIGHBORHOOD AS AGYNESS DEYN????????? Oh my gosh, I am so jealous. That is so cool. Wow, since you guys are kind of sort of neighbors you could bake her cookies or something for a 'welcome to the neighborhood' gift. So you haven't seen her yet???? Let me know when you have an Agyness sighting. If you couldn't tell already from my super-long comment, Agyness is my favorite supermodel. ;-)

Oh yeah, and white shades are awesome.

Shaz said...

Sorry i dont know who this girl is but she looks super edgy. I don't like white sunglasses, because i find most look cheap or dont flatter, but as you said, this girl certainly pulls them off!

mareGa said...

I don't know... they just don't do it for me.

Shaz said...

oh! Thank you so much for letting me know that those sunglasses were Michael Kors! Hope you dont mind if i link you?

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Cordie said...

sick blog, im so bad with sunglasses slash i know nothing about them but i love them to death. i have the marc jacobs pair the hil duff has below in black and i wear those and my ray bans all the time.
great blog!!!

Ana said...

cool-a sunglass blog!
haha. me likie.

molly said...

WOW i havent been to your blog in forever, and i must say, its good to be back
this is a fantastic post
love the girl, photos and, of course, the shades

-S said...

i'm sorry to report, but no, it's not me. The sunglasses are really the entire reason i chose the picture though!

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

More amazing and unique sunglasses!

Cyndee said...

by any chance do you happen to know where I could get/find a pair of shades she wears on an episode of la ink where she goes surfing in them ((episode: 12)searchable in youtube)???


Anonymous said...

any chance you know who makes the sunglasses she is wearing here...


i must have them.

Flashy_Shades said...

i blogged about them! they're jimmy choo "jerry" sunglasses.