15 August 2007

Even Prettier in Glossy

loved seeing Angelina Jolie's lovely visage in the new St. John campaign when the images hit the web last month, but seeing the Mario Testino shot in its two-page glory is something else. However much they're paying her, its not enough.

[Source: St. John]


penelope said...

i love angelina jolie!! no matter wht ppl say abt her humanitarian efforts and her taking brad away frm jen etc; i love her!!

lol and mario testino certainly lived up to his name!!

ps/ kinda hate the shades and hair though. ): st johns not doing the celeb and photographer any favor.

Emma said...

She is so unfairly, painfully gorgeous.

Brigitte said...

I think she's overrated in looks and talent but I love her taste in sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Who makes the shades that Angelina Jolie wears in the St John advert? They are gorgeous!