01 June 2007

(Lindsay Lohan, You Can) NEVER HIDE

uch like the slogan of her latest and greatest favorite shades, Lindsay Lohan can, in fact, never hide. She was photographed earlier this week at her rehab facility, Promises.

Who knew Ray-Ban's advertisements were such astute commentary on our paparazzi state?

[Source: PinkIsTheNewBlog]

The good news for Wayfarer lovers is that these Ray-Bans have hit the Italian wholesale sites.
Cost: $105
Colors: Red, Black, Orange, White, Havana Brown, Dark Havana
Retailer: Otticanet

I, for one, think Wayfarers have reached their saturation point, but our pretty young things seem to feel differently. Ashlee and Nicole will no doubt have keep this style on top all summer long.


-ciao bella- said...

i know what you mean- i have my wayfarers but seeing everyone wearing them now is kind of turning me off of them...

Mrs Fashion said...

SO glad you're back!
Mrs F x

.m. said...

good to see you posting again! your blog is really cool. I saw these nicee shades I think you might like:
never mind the middle digit profanity, it IS avril

Bojana said...

I'm already sick of them. I got a pair last year, because I was sick of enormous glasses everyone was wearing, so I thought it'd make a nice change, but soon wayfarers were on everyone. Why do the celebrities need to wear every fucking trend and then saturate it?? Ugghhg

Cool blog btw :D

Mrs Fashion said...

Hello, re Warehouse... It was founded in the 80s by Jeff Banks and is a Brit High St staple... I thought they had a store in NY (or did in the Nineties?) but have a look at the website: www.warehouse.co.uk
Not sure if they ship to the US though?
Mrs F x

the lipstick lady said...

AHH, you're back! sorry I hadn't commented your posts before, I thought youhad left forever!
poor lindsay, at least she has nice sunglasses to wear while she tries not to be so... crazy

Katee said...

love them... and fortunately here in Argentina wayfarers are not that popular..