30 May 2007

I'm Bringing Flashy Back.

oodness gracious! You may find yourself thinking, 'Quite some time has elapsed, FlashyShades, hasn't it?' And it has.

But I missed the old blog and want to thank those of you who have hassled/encouraged me to come back to it (especially ALLUREfashion, Rebel:FashionWithoutACause, Model Citizen, and, of course, my blogging BFF's, Lizze and the PublicityStunters.

Expect regular updates for the foreseeable future and a site overhaul in the coming weeks.

I've been sloppier than Lindsay Lohan without y'all:

[Source: X17]
These poor sunglasses are but two weeks old! 3/15/07: "According to sources inside the Manhattan hotel suite, La Lohan stuffed three bags full of gear from L.A.'s trendy Milk Boutique. She then snapped up not one, but seven pairs of new, limited edition Ray Ban shades, because, as she told our source, she didn't like wearing the same sunglasses every day." [Source: A Socialite's Life]

Happy days are here again:

[Source: LohanGroupie, Ray-Ban]


Model Citzen said...

you're back! i was hoping you weren't gone for good. i guess you had one of those blogging slumps, but in all honesty, this blog is so fresh, this post was great! who would have thought to do a post on those? seeeee thats why you must keep this blog going.

Glad to see you back :)

lizze said...

You are back!! (To state the obvious)
My withdrawal symptoms were hard ...
I was in rehab down in Malibu btw ;)

maya said...

i'm so glad your back, i removed you from my links because i kept clicking on it and being dissapointed that there wasn't a new post. i'll put you straight back.

alluretone said...

you're posting again, pretty exciting! love the ones on lohan, how dare she just throw them on the dirty ground! so glad you've decided to continue on with your lovely blog.