06 March 2007

A Little Linkage

veryone knows that link posts are the lazyblogger's post of choice. That said, without further ado:

SuperiorPics: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are hot. FYI.

Haha: Discreet ogling advisory as Polaroid sunglasses ad campaign.

DigitalSpy: Madonna as fashion-ignorant sunglasses advocate.

TastefulCelebs: Predicts Ashlee Simpson's sunglasses future.

GossipWord: Targets the Wayfarer trend in "Kirsten Dunst, The 80s Called. They Want Their Sunglasses Back."

TheDarkHat: Does not appreciate Lindsay Lohan's sunglasses, tights.

CNN: "Barbie Bandit"'s Mom speaks out in daughter's defense. After reviewing the sunglass-less mugshots, "Barbie" may have been an overstatement.


Elizabeth said...

I would love to trade links! I think you might have asked me a little while back but I never got arround to it.... sorry!

ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

Bien sûr! Just updated my links.

Loving the shades at , by the way.

Miss A said...

Love your blog! I just stumbled upon it, but I've already added it to my favorite links!
I sometimes start to feel bad for Brangelina that people are always taking pictures of them and folloing them everywhere... But they are so hot, like you said... I feel less bad now.

Emma said...

mmm. as much as i would LOVE to hate brad...
i can't.

Dinah said...

I really like Angelina's sunglasses do you know what they are because I need them.

jennifer said...

i agree with dinah....what are angelina's sunglasses?

Candid Cool said...

gorgeous. I've noticed angelina knows her ways around a pair of aviators.