07 March 2007

Cool Like MK

n Sunday of this week, Cool Like Chloe speculated that Ashlee Simpson was emulating Mary-Kate Olsen's unique style, but not quite hitting the mark.

"I'd take [MK's] Rayban's with seventies stripes over [Ashlee Simpson's] punk-pop stripes any day."
Who wouldn't? But it seems Ms. Simpson is catching on and was seen this week donning MK's signature Ray-Ban Wayfarers while shopping in L.A. What's next? The Balenciaga boots? Although, I guess this is better than when she was just copying her sister's look.

[Source: GossipRocks]


discothequechic said...

Ashlee seems to be shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon.

Shes like "Oh, would you look at that! Kirsten, Chloe, MK and Ashley and Mischa have all been donning them! I know, I will too!"

Uhh, she annoys me!

Yes, forgot to say I'd love to swap links.

S xx

Dinah said...

My mom sent me her old rayban's and they are so awesome.

Ruthie said...

if i ever saw anyone wearing these i would have an immediate flashback to my father's wardrode from our summer of '89 trip to captiva. and sure its fun... but for anyone to "pull these off", i think they would immediatlely have to start pretending to date pete wentz.

shaz said...

Everybody in hollywood follows everybody...thats how trends start and continue, so i see no shame in Ashlee Simpson wanting to be apart of the Ray-Ban crew, besides without that wat else has she got going for her these days? However, the day i saw Ashlee Simpson sporting a red beret just like Mary-Kate and Ashlee Olsen i knew we had a wannabe on our hands.

By the way YOUR SITE ROCKS!!!

Poshhh said...

ashlee seems to be copying quite a few other celebrities lately
from ashley to mischa to sienna plus a few others

hah but if i could get even one pair of ray-bans i dont think i would be quite that picky

i dont think anyone but mk can really pull off her style either