07 February 2007

Precious Moments

ight about now, I think we could all go for a brief respite from all the glamour and poise of Fashion Week. Below, please find the antidote.

I'm not sure what it is about a lady in her curlers in public, but it will never fail to make me chuckle. An underage star fresh out of rehab smoking away in her curlers? Just what I was looking for.

[Source: SuperiorPics]

We've seen these Dior Aviadior 1 shades on Ms. Lohan before. [See: Anglomania] But I like to see such a noted clotheshorse recycle a piece -- it makes me feel as though the sunglasses are actually her possession, not something tossed at her by a harried stylist.

Cost: $160
Colors: Dark Burgundy, Black, Tortoise
Retailer: Otticanet.com

I Know Who Killed Me is going to be met with showers of critical acclaim. I can already tell.


Curious_Chloe said...

my god, your site is acutally dedicated to shades...can it be more fabulous?
Simply indulgent...i love love love it!
Esp the "Flash of the Moment" Ur blog is adorable and so perfectly themed!! much enjoyed!!!

coco said...

wow i love them, so cute.

Miss V. said...

Lol! That is one hilarious picture!

wendy said...

eek... curlers.. just the other day i saw a woman get on the subway with curlers in her hair and during her 5-stop ride, she did her makeup, eyeshadow, lipstick, the works, and started taking out her curlers just as we pulled into her station.. perfect timing!

alluretone said...

lindsey looks likes she's in her 30s in this pic, but i love the dior shades!

Flashy_Shades said...

100% with you, allure. ms. lo is not aging well

Mary said...

I am desperately seeking the identification of a pair of sunglasses and I am hoping you can help me. I don't have a pic to send, but they are plastic-framed aviators with studs/grommets all the way around the frame and lenses(though they are not on the arms). I saw them on Lindsay Lohan in US Weekly about a month ago and then again today on E! News on Victoria Beckham in a pic of her new blond short hair style. I have searched high and low to find these glasses and I am dying to have them. If you can help at all I would appreciate it. From one glasses lover to another, THANKS!