08 February 2007

March 2007 Elle: Jessica Simpson

y Elle arrived yesterday, and as I'm sure you are aware, little miss (not so) newly-unwed Jessica Simpson adorns its cover. The article is not really worth the time it takes to read, but the accompanying photo shoot was alright in a Malibu Barbie does high fashion sort of way.

It featured Ms. Simpson in a sunglasses brand that often forget: Chrome Hearts. They don't have an online presence and the shades are typically only available in their boutiques. Watch out for their fakes on eBay!

[Source: Elle]

This pair retails for $495 and doesn't seem to be particularly distinct. I'm not impressed, y'all!


alluretone said...

i don't think it's that very impressive either. i don't like that thing she has on her either.

coco said...

what the hell is she wearing?
i dont mind those sunnies, there nothing special, but there quite chic and classic

coco said...

yeah i will link you now.