07 February 2007

Thakoon Unveiled

hakoon's showing at the tents this week gave us further insight into his highly publicized sunglasses debut. But do the shades seen on the runway live up to his promise of "quirky" sunglasses "with a distinct personality"? [See: Thakoon Rising]

Below, models Hye Park, Alona and Honorine Uwera showcase the frames.

[Source: Style.com]

I like the styles a lot, but with that said, I'm reserving final judgment until I see the entire line.


Such A Publicity Stunt said...

is that a covered up pimple on the second model? did they really let her on the runway like that? where has all the class gone?!!??!

that said, love the glasses she has on!

alluretone said...

doesn't looks like it has much "distinct personality" but i love the ones on hye. pretty excited to see the whole thing though