29 November 2006

Kate Beckinsale is Quite Lovely, No?

he was photographed earlier this month outside a Santa Monica ice cream shop with her daughter, Lily.

[Source: GossipRocks]

What a pretty picture, indeed! She is wearing Oliver Peoples' Harlot Sunglasses:
"Glamorous, 70's inspired oversized sunglass with beautiful metal accents. 6 base lens curve and UV protection."
Cost: $340
Colors: Orchid Gradient, Olive Gradient, Dark Mahogany, Sycamore
Retailer: Oliver Peoples

I love her in these. Pretty pretty.


Cool Like Chloe said...

i love those sunglasses


omg i adoree those sunglasses! everyone says huge sunglasses are soo out, but i think theyre ALWAYS in. haha
p.s. love your blog!

dusk&summer said...

those look awesome on her....they're great!

alanna said...

wow, she looks really good in big sunglasses, loads of people look stupid in them (ahem, nicole richie, ahem)

molly said...

ooooh, she is gorgeous!

and im agreed on the melrose point. i love nigel and when he goes "BUT SHE PHOTOGRAPHS OLD!"

marinamode said...

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shaz said...

She looks sooo beautiful in these shades...LOVE THEM! They actually dont look that big...prehaps cause i was just looking a fotos of Nicole Richie

joe said...

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