08 November 2006

Pammy Pie: I Like...

ike any self-respecting, suburban mother, Pamela Anderson hit her local grocery store this weekend to stock up for her brood of kids and Rocks. Unlike the other soccer moms, however, she wore short shorts and mile-high heels. And what nice gams!

Following last weekend's box office success of her film, Borat (which raked in over $25 million, the highest-grossing opening ever for a picture playing at less than 1,100 theaters), I hope that her cart is filled with about a case of champagne. Because that's how much it would take to get those implants drunk. [Source: BoxOfficeMojo.com]

[Source: GossipRocks]

Ms. Anderson, it seems, is standing by her horse-bits. Here, she wears Gucci's 2711/S.
Cost: $264
Colors: Brown, Black, Grey, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Purple
Retailer: SunglassesItaly

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Such A Publicity Stunt said...

LOVE Pam's sunglasses - but i pretty much love her in anything. she's a goddess :)