06 November 2006

Balenciaga: Redux

ashion Bible Vogue has declared that Balenciaga's Spring 2007 avant-garde glasses are the way of fashion's future. This seems fitting, given that designer Nicolas Ghesquière was inspired by The Terminator.

The venerable magazine's Fashion Market and Accessories Director, Virginia Smith, has instructed readers to:
"Forget rose-colored glasses. For spring, Balenciaga's cyber-goddess goggles are the way to go."
[Source: Style.com]

Frequent readers may recall that I reviewed the Balenciaga runway show back in early October in a post entitled "Robotic Articulation, Car Parts, Droits".

Revisiting the sunglasses, I find I am less offended by them the second time around, which is not to say that high school chemistry labs and hearty games of paintball do not come to mind. The clear lenses I still cannot possibly consider, but the opaque lenses may even almost border on -- dare I say it? -- cool.

Nevertheless, with the sunglasses not hitting stores until late January or February of 2007, it seems premature for Vogue to declare them:
"The cult buy of the season."
This will mark the first collection of Balenciaga eyewear. The sales clerk at the New York store estimated the cost to be approximately $550. Yowzers!


Cameron said...

isn't "hearty game of paintball" redundant? not to nit-pick...

JEYQ said...

i was wondering if you knew where i could purchase these online?