10 October 2006

Robotic Articulation, Car Parts, Droids

n Tuesday of last week, Balenciaga's Spring/Summer 2007 collection was shown in Paris. Designer Nicolas Ghesquiere's inspiration? The Terminator.

"I was thinking of robotic articulation. Car parts. Droids," Mr. Ghesquiere told Style.com.

Janet Jackson, the Olsens and Anna Wintour were on hand to see the future of fashion for themselves.

His collection may have been avant-garde, but what is with the chemistry lab goggles? Were there projectiles on the runway? These safety masks can't possibly offer UVA/UVB protection.

If this is the future of sunglasses, I prefer the past.

[Source: Style.com]

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Anonymous said...

I knew rec specs were going to come back into style. By the way, where's the shadey part of those shades? They look clear.