09 October 2006

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Spring/Summer 2007

ary-Kate Olsen will not be remembered as having worn the stupidest sunglasses for Paris Fashion Week [See: Uhhhh.... MK?], if Karl Lagerfeld has anything to say about it. With Friday's Chanel show, the designer paraded high hemlines, ponytails, garments with pill- and tablet-embellishments, and two-tone shades down the catwalk.

But one pair of sunglasses was shown on the runway: curve-armed frames with half-opaque, half-translucent lenses . Questionable as the shades were, they were far superior to the clear plastic platforms Mr. Lagerfeld was trying to sell us.

[Source: Vogue.co.uk]

Though these sunglasses may look silly, they (and other moderately-priced accessories) are serious profit heavy-weights for the fashion house. Mr. Lagerfeld advised customers that the shades are available, but to act quickly:
"The models carried the handbags and wore the oversized sunglasses that are all important for profit margins at luxury goods houses.

'I don't show anything that is not for sale,' said the 68-year-old Lagerfeld.

'Whatever you seen on the Chanel runway you can have it in the show. You have to go early because those things disappear quite quickly and the sales girls have a tendency to hide them for their favorite clients.'"

[Source: NYTimes]

Oh, yeah, and these two were front and center. Nice shades, ladies. Couldn't swing seats next to Anna Wintour? (Who was present, and yes, also wore sunglasses.)

[Source: KatieHolmes.com]


Anonymous said...

boo, karl!

Lani said...

Well obviously Chanel store staff have no business etiquette hiding items from needy customers...first in first served am i right?

I am so in love with those D&G sunglasses katie is wearing..i wish i found your site earlier so i could have bought them straight away, so now i have to go cruising ebay to see if any are available