06 October 2006

Jennifer Goes Synonymous

ow bizarre! How bizarre!

On Wednesday, Jennifer Lopez was unsuccessful in her attempts to dodge paparazzi exiting Hollywood restaurant Orso.

[Source: X17]

Here Ms. Lopez wears her namesake shades, Tom Ford's Jennifer Sunglasses. She wears them well.

Cost: Original retail is $290; only $218 at SunglassesItaly.com
Colors: Pink, Brown, Black
Retailer: SunglassesItaly.com

These shades are dank, are they not?


Lizze said...

After starting reading your blog, I am starting to check out celebs sunglasses in more detail :)

Your writing is v good!

Yesterday I saw some episodes of The Closer with Kyra Sedgwick and I like her sunglasses that she wearing. They are probably a bit small-ish for your liking.

misssixty said...

wow, imagine having sunglasses named after you...
that must be a very cool feeling

Anonymous said...

Those are some heady shades.