08 September 2006

Fashion Week! His Shades [Spring 2007]

y word! Fashion Week is nearly over and I have yet to begin documenting the Spring 2007 sunglasses!

Let's begin with the guys.

1. Lanvin
At the Lanvin show, muted colors were all the rage on suits and Hammeresque pants. Clothes schmoes. Their eyewear designers seemed to exhibit environmental concerns, as they were obviously (and perhaps overly) influenced by An Inconvenient Truth. Or that is my explanation for their excessive eye protection.

2. Givenchy

In their runway show this week, Givenchy showed a modern, masculine take on cat-eye frames, a sprinkling of white shades, and a few pitch-black mirrored lenses.

Their collection of mens sunglasses was, in my opinion, one of the strongest.

I liked their mod suits, too.

3. Yves St. Laurent

Eh. More muted palette. Less sunglasses.

4. Dries Van Noten

White sunglasses on dudes? In April?

I don't know, Dries.

5. Dior Homme
Do I hate it? Do I love it?

I just don't even care, Hedi Slimane.

6. Louis Vuitton
Nice job, Pharrell!

My only complaint is that there could be a stronger sunglasses presence. I do love the runway's background print, though.

7. John Galliano

The overall "look" here is very caveman meets Ibiza rave chic. Ha.

The sunglasses? They were small. Boo.

8. D & G

D&G's Spring 2007 collection was the lovechild of American Eagle and American Indians. They omitted shirts for their male models and instead sent each and every one of them down the runway in some just-the-right-amount-of-funky shades.

I loved it. I want to buy them. I'm getting choked up just typing about it.

9. Gucci

Another confidence-inspiring show from Gucci. These are the shades I'd wear if I was a guy. Maybe I'd wear them anyway.

10. Etro

Ugh. I am offended. Is no one else offended? This is eyewear for inside a tanning bed.
Be gone, Whig Party.

11. Giorgio Armani
Basic black. No objections here.

12. Dolce & Gabbana
Nice, crisp uniform look. True to form, this collection exhibited more maturity than the D&G line, I like.

[Source: NYMag; They have tremendous coverage of fashion week. Create your own album like Tim Gunn, Tinsley Mortimer, Melania Trump and I did.]

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Cameron said...

1. Bwah?
2. Maybe (not?)
3. ...
4. Agreed
5. Disagreed - am having uncharacteristically homoerotic crush on these
6.Misguided hate-bias clouding brain
7. Agreed: too small
8. Agreed: fresh
9. Agreed: I want bad; now to have money...
10. Jesus Eyes
11. Eh... not terrible
12. Nice... maybe a little yawn-inspiring
13. Work engages me so

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