16 September 2006

VALENTINO: XTina Abroad; Stefani & Child Stateside

arlier this week, Christina Aguilera was photographed in the United Kingdom, where her European tour will kick off in mid-November.

She and her husband, Jordan Something, were captured leaving London's private members' club, Home House. Though her luggage and trucker hat (really, Christina? Trucker hat?) were Louis Vuitton, her shades were all Valentino. See below.

[Source: GossipRocks]

For 100% UVA/UVB/Made in Italy splendor, try these Valentino Grommet Shield Sunglasses, 5434 at home:

Cost: $240
Color: Shiny Black with Grey Lenses (as on XTina); Brown with Bronze Lenses (at right)
Retailer: Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman
ON SALE ONLINE: $133 at Otticanet.com. They have way more color options too, including Dark Grey, Dark Violet and Green. Sweetness.
SunglassesItaly.com has them for $226.

Earlier this month, I was perplexed by Gwen Stefani's flashy gold sunglasses that she was photographed wearing on several occasions. Were they a prototype of her own design? (L.A.M.B.'s website currently does not offer any sunglasses.) Did she pick up a rare vinage pair with her Don't Speak royalties a decade ago?

[Source: GossipRocks]

But, then it struck me: I had seen those jeweled arms before! The answer had been on my own site this whole time! Blast!
[See: 8/7/06 e-Valentino]

They are Valentino 5453:
Cost: $340
Colors: Ruthenium; Ruthenium Black; Gold-tone (as on Gwen)
Retailer: Neiman Marcus
ON SALE ONLINE: $233-$262 at Otticanet.com Once again, Ottica has more color choices.
SunglassesItaly.com has them for $317.
Italian sunglasses websites are the jam.

The internet is a wonderful place! Enjoy your Valentinos, ladies.

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