24 August 2006

UPDATE: Shades on a Plane

t seems songstress Alicia Keys would agree with yesterday's assessment of the necessity of shades on a plane.

At right, Ms. Keys dons Yves Saint Laurent 2008/S sunglasses to honor Billy Joel as the MusiCares Person of the Year.

In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, Ms. Keys spoke of the benefits of fame, including the ability to wear your sunglasses whenever and wherever one sees fit:

Rolling Stone: The biggest perk about stardom, to me, would be the ability to wear sunglasses indoors.
Alicia Keys: Definitely. I can agree with that.
RS: Remember the first time you tried that?
AK: Not exactly. But it's not just sunglasses inside, it's the big dark ones that cover your whole grille. Those are my favorite. Not because I'm trying to be fabulous, but I love those big crazy Jackie O shades. Especially on planes -- you have every right to not want Tom, Dick and Harry in your nasty, sleep-crusty eyes.
[Source: Rolling Stone]

To update the YSL look for Alicia (as the photo above is a few years old), I suggest the YSL 2186/S (from the 2006 collection) look at right. The wrap around metal and acetate shades are available in an array of colors.
Cost: $300
Colors: Black, Burgundy, Brown/Gold (as shown here), Chocolate, Violet Rut
Retailer: Site 91 Opticians

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