22 August 2006

Shades on a Plane

his week New York Magazine ran a snippet on the more frivolous side effects of the new airport security measures taken in light of the latest foiled terrorist attack, "JFK's Beauty Bin: The new contraband in the war on terror."
[Source: nymag.com]

Author Janelle Nanos spoke with fashion directors and editors, who were rather perturbed by the newly expanded list of banned items, particularly as they prepare to embark on transatlantic flights for the European fashion shows this fall.

With banned products including makeup, toothpaste, body spray and cologne, these beauty editors are displeased:

“'Everybody is bummed because it’s a really long flight and looking good is part of the industry,” says Jane beauty director Erin Flaherty. “You’re seeing all of your colleagues on the plane.'"

Her rather marvelous projection?
"'I think everybody is going to have their most oversized sunglasses on."

To follow the fashion set's lead and shield your puffy complexion from the judging eyes of your fellow passengers (all the while providing your very own snakes on a plane), might I recommend Roberto Cavalli's Thin Serpent Sunglasses:
Cost: $330
Color: Gunmetal, Copper, Rose Gold
Retailer: Bergdorf Goodman

What Ms. Flaherty does not know, however, is that wearing sunglasses while airborn can help curb the effects of jet lag. [Source: BBC; It's science, y'all!]

As the BBC reported earlier this year, scientists have discovered that passengers on long flights are best served by wearing sunglasses to alter their light patterns and help adjust their body clocks

"The study, conducted by Edinburgh Sleep Centre for British Airways, monitored more than 1,000 passengers. Dr. Chris Idzikowski, director of The Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said that without using sunglasses it took a day to recover for every hour of time difference travelled westwards."

Dr. Idzikowski tailors a "jet lag checker" for passengers, specifying the times for passengers to wear their sunglasses. Here's how it works: "The internal body clock steps up at dawn which is when we can manipulate exposure to light, it's a way of fooling the biological clock."

So while those new regulations are a bummer for travelers everywhere, that flashy shade option is looking better and better. Good luck at the shows, ladies!

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