24 August 2006

The new hotness? Seduction

was reading The New York Post yesterday. Don't judge me.

In "Going, Going... Gone" they detailed fall's most desired items, many of which are already relegated to rather lengthy waitlists.
[Source: NYPost]

Included on this haute laundry list were Alain Mikli Seduction (A0640) sunglasses.

"With a dozen names on the waitlist for red and six queuing for heather gray, these shades are so hot that shoppers are even begging staff to lend them the floor samples - 'One client was willing to leave her AmEx card in order to take the sample,' says a sales associate. Next shipment: End of this week."

Never one to trust The Post, I called the Alain Mikli store on Madison Ave. myself. The sales associate assured me that while they are popular, several shipments are coming in and the approximate wait time is 10 days.

Do we like these? I'm just not so sure, y'all. You know what? No, I don't think we do.

Cost: $495
Colors: Red, Heather (many other colors are visible on the website, but I don't know about their availability in stores)
Retailer: Alain Mikli

A brief history on the designer:
- Alain Mikli is a French-born designer of handmade eyeglasses and sunglasses
- He is often heralded for his bold usage of color, which he attributes to his Armenian-Lebanese heritage [Source: Wikipedia]
- His eyeglasses are worn by many famous Europeans and Americans, including a few of my own personal heroes: Daniel Libeskind, Daniel Boulud (who is described on Mikli's site as a "grand restauranteur Francais et grand ami d'Alain), Philippe Starck, Steve Martin and Samuel L. Jackson
- His eyewear is praised for being technically advanced

While I think Mr. Mikli makes beautiful eyeglasses, I do not love him as a sunglasses designer. His shades all tend to be very similar looking, large round-edged squares with prominent rims. See for yourself at giarre.com.

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Cameron said...

i must say, Ms. Ladyfriend... after a thorough perusal (which, by the way is commonly misunderstood as meaning "a brief look through" but actually saying thorough perusal is redundant, because that's exactly what peruse implies... disregard everything that just happened between these parentheses) i have decided that your site is comprehensive and well thought-out. i've never been such a sucker for flashy shades as i am now. now to just pick the perfect pair. post some shit for the dudes.