22 August 2006

Heather Mills McCartney

ile under H for How Bizarre, How Bizarre.

On Friday of last week, it was reported (by the BBC, no less) that Paul McCartney's soon to be ex-old lady was seen tooling about Los Angeles wearing a pair of flashy shades designed by his daughter, Stella.
[Source: BBC]

In London's Daily Mail, which also covered the story, it was argued that this was no sartorial slip-up on Heather's part:
"Out shopping in Beverly Hills, the 38-year-old former model sported a pair of sunglasses designed by Stella McCartney, the stepdaughter with whom she shares a notoriously hostile relationship.
"'Heather's decision to wear the sunglasses was made firmly tongue-in-cheek,' said a source close to Miss Mills.
"'She is only too aware of how much Stella detests her. Over the past four years Heather feels that she has made every effort to endear herself to her stepdaughter - wearing her clothes, attending her parties and fashion launches, supporting her causes, everything - only to be rebuffed time and again.
"'So this is her way of saying to Stella, who was against her marriage to Paul from day one, "You may have won the battle, but you haven't won the war." Heather is a feisty lady and she won't go down without a fight.'"

I am not quite sure how wearing Stella's sunglasses (which are actually manufactured by the Safilo Group) advances Heather's cause, but I do appreciate her making a statement via her shades. And she certainly did cause a stir.

However, as I scour the web for the exact make and model of Heather's pair, I am unable to verify this story. The sunglasses do not appear to be identical to any pair featured currently or in the archives of Stella's website, nor do they resemble any of the sunglasses featured in Stella's past runway shows on style.com.

That said, Stella makes some charming sunglasses (and employs the lovely Kate Moss as the face of her brand) and I applaud her for that.

For a rather unique shape, check out Stella's 4/SL:

Cost: $152-$179
Color: Shiny Gold/Honey, Shiny Black, Silver/White, Brown
Retailer: simply-accessories.com, unitedshades.com

You can check out the Top 10 Most Popular Sunglasses in the Stella McCartney Collection here.

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