27 August 2006

Shades on a Chain

veryone has a story of the sunglasses that got away: the pair you left in a taxi, at a friend's beachhouse, on the sink of a bar bathroom, etc. The ones you really hated to see go.

Recently, I have seen a few products that might save you a pair of your prized flashy shades. And by products, I mean jewelry.

New York Magazine introduced these lovely numbers to me back in May, (but now I see they have been name-dropped everywhere from Vogue to The Financial Times and House and Garden) and while I haven't lost any shades this summer, I would have appreciated not schlepping around my sunglasses case all day everyday.

"a new accessory line designed specifically to hang onto your shades no matter what your style. Some of its necklaces come in plain or braided leather; some in silver or gold. My favorite is this hand-hammered acetate design from Paris, which looks so cute, I can even wear it alone."
[Source: nymag.com]

CNN even let me know how cool they are recently:
"Fashion photographer Mario Testino bought 50 to give as Christmas presents. Rod Stewart wore one on the cover of one of his albums. And Brad Pitt sported one in "Ocean's Twelve."
[Source: cnn.com]

If I were in their marketing department, I might play down that Rod Stewart connection. But look! At right, here's his Bradness wearing them now. (Does it look like he's been pounding red wine?)

How pretty! But like the stunning shades likely dangling from them, la LOOPS do not come cheap:
Cost: $85-$225
Retailer: laloop.com

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