21 August 2006

Nice Double-C's, Ladies

his week Chanel's interlocking mother-of-pearl C's were all but ubiquitious.

Courtney Cox made negotiating a squirming (but adorable) toddler look hot with them:

[Source: popsugar.com]

Eva Longoria wore them to wrangle with her toy dog and with Brittany Murphy.
[Source: exposay.com]

They even made the The New York Times, which saw fit to highlight their presence in their 8/20/06 Travel Section profile of Turkbuku, the St. Tropez of Turkey:

"As house and R & B music pulsated from open-air bars, moneyed couples in Chanel double-C sunglasses and young women in gold bikinis poked into swimwear and jewelry boutiques."
[Source: NYTimes]

These are, of course, the Chanel 5076 style.
Cost: $300
Color: Brown with Brown Gradient Lenses, Black with Grey-Yellow Gradient Lenses, White with Grey Gradient Lenses, Brown Tortoise with Brown/Green Lenses
Retailer: sunglassesitaly.com

PS - A quick Google search also revealed a very intelligent-looking Paris Hilton to be a fan. This is not, mind you, to be construed as an endorsement for the trucker hat.

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