18 August 2010

Athletic Supporters: Staple X Oakley

In a move sure to make hipsters' eyewear dreams come true, Oakley has released two pairs of sunglasses from their collaboration with Jeff Staple, a graphic artist/branding expert/ultra-hip gallery owner (the Lower East Side's Reed Space). The Staple X Oakley Collection will consist of six pairs, each influenced by a particular sport with optics accessories.

The first two models are the Eyeshade (as shown at left) and Radar, inspired by tennis and golf respectively. The Eyeshades come complete with tennis ball fuzz, while the Radar's yellow lenses have a special coating to prevent virtually anything (sweat, pollen, etc.) from sticking.

The newly released models are available in limited numbers -- only 150 pairs worldwide -- at Reed Space and at some Oakley retailers.

The hyper-stylized collection will appeal to neon-loving athletes and non-athletes alike, but the New York Times' T Magazine insists they're still good enough for the pros: "the British Open golf champion, Louis Oosthuizen, won wearing the Staple x Oakley Radars."

For more pictures, check out The Freshness Mag's coverage.

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