14 August 2009

RZ does Roller Disco

Whether you love her or loathe her, Rachel Zoe's newly launched website/newsletter, The Zoe Report, is worth checking out. Of course, most of RZR's recommendations are completely unattainable, but that's part of its appeal. She redeems herself with the "Parallel Universe" feature: similar, but way cheaper, styles for us mere mortals.

Not surprisingly, Zoe won me over by her recent post - "Roller Disco" - on the beautiful Barton Perreira Starlet sunglasses. (She's in good company: The New York Times has referred to them as a "brand coveted by aficionados".)
[Photo: Barton Perreira]

"In fact, they’re a favorite in my shamefully towering pile of do not disturb signs.* Formerly a designer at Oliver Peoples, Perreira classically structured the Starlet sunglasses with an unexpected multi-colored aspect that will give life to a blah outfit. Rarely does fashion meet function, but Perreira emphasizes the main purpose of sunglasses with protected lenses that guard your eyes from scary UV rays and prevent wrinkles. xoRZ

do not disturb sign* = sunnies, preferably oversized, used for masking tired eyes, hiding make-up from the night before and politely avoiding conversation."
I was able to find the Starlets online at blackoptical.com for $515.

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Juju said...

Those are MAD sexy!