02 March 2008

DualStar and Uncle Karl

ome sunglasses just won't fade into obscurity. Here at FlashyShades we've been chronicling the ascent of the dual-tone Chanel 5018 sunglasses from their runway debut on Agyness Deyn to their ubiquity on 1st trimester Nicole Richie.

And it seems the Olsens are just as fixated. Ashley brought and wore them for her photo shoot with Marie Claire and now Mary Kate is elbowing in on her sister's sunnies this week in Paris. Do you think they share or they each have their own pair?

Appropriately enough, MK wore them to the Chanel show. Not to be outdone, Ashley wore the Chanel 5117 sunglasses. Check them out at SunglassesItaly.


Lina said...

i think they share, cause they have never worn the same pair at the same time, and if they did they would probarbly get away with it too...i love Ashley Olsen's sunglasses, understated and extremely classy!

Jamie said...

the half tint sunglasses have so many knock offs now, its so sad. Before they even hit the stores, someone, somewhere in china is producing a replica.

I like the 5117 sunglasses, very cool, probarbly over half a grand though to purchase in store.

deliah said...

ashleys are the chanel 5120 sunglasses in tortoise brown, but i have seen kate moss wearing the 5117 you posted. Either way these round sunglasses are selling like crazy this year. Shows you just how much influence the petite women of hollywood ie Mary kate, Ashley Olsen and Nicole richie have!

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