25 January 2008

This is How You Work the Heathrow Paps

don't often include Kylie Minogue, because (A) she almost always looks great and (B) she has enough internet good will already. But this was the first time I was excited to see a pair of Ray-Bans in quite some time, which I thought was worth mentioning.

[Source: Celebutopia]

Ray-Ban Wayfarer New 2132 model available for $109 at otticanet.


leah said...

they really suit her, she should have started wearing them earlier

Marie said...

She's gone for the new i see, not as daring as the original and the wayfarer 1 & 2.

However, she looks mighty cute in these wayfarers, and i am actually really suprised to see kylie wearing them.

lani said...

kylie always looks so good, especially in these wayfarers.