30 January 2008

Sonia Rykiel in Glossy

he Spring/Summer Sonia Rykiel show, chock full of massive sunnies, was one of my favorites last season, so I was excited to see the ad campaign in action.

I kind of like how it looks my eccentric grandma out for a stroll, that is, if my grandmother was Iekeliene Stange. I'm not kidding, I really do like that about it.

[Source: SoniaRykiel.com]

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Anonymous said...

Hi Flashy,
So re the show... I could never bring myself to pay for tickets (but for me it's work, it's a right - it's a chore!). If I didn't have access to them i think it would be a cool experience, as long as they're not charging silly money? So, enjoy! (Hope they can fit in some shades, even though it'll be AW)
Mrs Fashion x