21 January 2008

The Latest in Timeless Fashions

New York Times has christened every celebrity's favorite sunglasses of 2006, the Tom Ford Whitney, to be among the new school of fashion classics.

"Tom Ford’s Whitney sunglasses, now in a variety of colors in addition to black and brown, are the original way to dodge the paparazzi ($320 at eluxury.com or bergdorfgoodman.com)."

[Source: NYTimes]


leah said...

classic hey? Well thats good to hear because Tom ford whitney sunglasses are extremely beautiful, so i would love to see them pass this trend and become a fashion staple

Lani said...

Gorgeous sunglasses! Tom Ford makes beautiful sunglasses, and the whitney is the most beautiful pair..

elizabeth said...

i love the whitney, ever since i saw them on angelina jolie on your blog..i was sold! i have them in grey, and i love them so much i am getting them in brown as well, they are just so flattering!