04 September 2007

Preternatural Genetic Gifts

t the Venice Film Festival this week, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt unveiled the crown jewel of their collection, Shiloh Nouvel. Careful not to look too closely, its like staring into the sun.

[Source: Celebutopia]

Angelina's sunglasses, of course, are pretty hot as well. They are the Bulgari BV 862 sunglasses. They are $232 on Styledrops.com and they fall into the category of "I want..."


Romeika said...

Beautiful shades! You know a lot about shades, do you know any classic shades in Jackie O. style? It's been a while i've been trying to look for it. I know about those Dior glossy shades, it's kind of retro, but it's not really what i've been looking for.


Kira Fashion said...

I love sunglasses and she really know how to pic the bests!

a kiss

Thanks for comments!

Aisha said...

Those sunglasses are really cute, and shiloh looks sooo sweet!


lizze said...

This woman cannot look bad in a pair of sunglasses!
Possible exception might be those hideous Kayne West Sunglasses.

discothequechic said...


Forget the glasses, look at that baby!

She is going to be the. most. beautiful. kid!

S xx

Candid Cool said...

Stunning! This looks like an ad!

black optical said...

I love Brad's s aviator. It's the 'Ambassador' by Dita Select.