06 August 2007

Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all

imes are tough, y'all. And shades are spendy.

Courtesy of August's Harper's Bazaar:

[Source: Harper's Bazaar]

WWD.com also profiled the costly sunglasses trend in "Accessories Now: Turn Up the Price Points".

Call me crazy, but fifteen hundred bucks for sunglasses is just much too much. Chanel Iman looks cute in them, though.

In my opinion, these Bottega Veneta BV55/S sunglasses with antique brass for $350 are plenty nice. Available on bottegaveneta.com.


Shaz said...

That is a ridiculous amout of money for sunglasses! BUt then again, there are those fortunate people in the world who suffer from having too much money and therefore do not know what to di wih it all...so a pair of $1500 sunglasses would suit just fine.

But to me they look like wayfarers and already seem a bit dated

black optical said...

They may look dated, but they feel so wonderful and look effortless on.

Because of the falling dollar and rise of the Euro, Bottega raised the price even higher. The horn pair now retails for $2,100.