22 July 2007

Stylishly Springfield

his month's Harper's Bazaar has the most fun fashion spread I've encountered in ages: Springfield's finest in Parisian finery (with Linda Evangelista thrown in for good measure). Between the pagan controversy and the 7-11's as Kwik-E-Mart's, the promotional team behind the Simpsons movie has done some great work.

[Source: Harper's Bazaar; Images: OhNoTheyDidn't]

Above, Homer and Karl don Chanel eyewear, while Marge and Linda model the couture creations.

As Chanel sunglasses go, I personally am fond of the Chanel 5117. They are $327 on SunglassesItaly.


Anonymous said...

I love this spread so, so much. Karl remains creepy even when simpson-ized!

Anonymous said...

Karl does NOT wear Chanel. He exclusively wears ONLY Chrome Hearts eyewear.