24 July 2007

Much Too Much in MJ

manda Bynes sometimes gives me the feeling that she wouldn't even be the prettiest girl at her Long Island high school. She is trying much too hard to work these Marc Jacobs MJ12S at a Solstice Sunglass event.

[Source: GossipRocks]

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Diana Coronado said...

j' adore Marc Jacobs... simply the best

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penelope said...

haha amanda has such pretty eyes she shdn't hide dem behind those huge shades!! ( no matter how nice they are)

AVA said...

Oh no.. I really loved the shades, until I saw them on her..

Marsha said...

That's funny - I get the feelign she is trying to hard too. Jsut be yourself!!!!

Thanks for checking out Brown712!

Bella said...

Amanda Bynes is hilarious and I love her...but her blonde hair is bugging me to HELL....its so wannabe Paris...ugh

Mrs Fashion said...

Miaou - but I can't believe she'd be the prettiest girl in her school either!

Gloria said...

yeah, i'm getting that sort of feeling too..